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1 October 2013

Contoh Kalimat Derivative

Noun Forming

  1. He is the best actor in the film comedy
  2. Indonesian badminton is the best in asia
  3. Indonesia has a class relationship with the USA
  4. Mita work being a driver

Adjective Forming

  1. I have luxurious car
  2. My mother made delicious tea for me yesterday
  3. This product is only available in alphamart
  4. My father is a careful worker

Verb Forming

  1. The police paralyze the thief with their gun
  2. Mother celebrated my birthday in your house

Adverb Forming

  1. Alex spoke three languages fluently
  2. I am not going home yet, i have to go somewhere else first
  3. I already told you not to come over
  4. Some countries have been able to tackle these problem while



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